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Monday, 14 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

6.2 want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas 

We have so many things to tell you about ...

First things first make sure you come to watch our outstanding Christmas production on Thursday the 17th December ! 
We have been thinking about others at Christmas time and our class has focused on homeless people. 

We have also been doing exciting Christmas activities. 
Getting into the Christmas spirit by reading Christmas poems and testing our brains by answering Christmas quizzes. 

The most exciting bit for parents however is the amazing cards and calendars we have made in class ! Check out your sneaky peak ! You lucky, lucky things. 

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Bonfire 2015

Bonfire 2015

In class we learnt the story of the gunpowder plot. 

We all now know why we throw 'Guy Fawkes' on the bonfire on November 5th. 

We decided to write some Bonfire poetry, using our senses. 

Read part of Mustafa's Poem...
Fireworks, fireworks light the fuse, 
Lots of matches here to use, 
Smell the burning of the blow,
stand back and watch as they glow! 

We also had chance to complete some firework Art ! We worked in teams to create the skyline using chalks. 

Thank you for reading our Blog !  

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Diwali 2015

Diwali Festival of Light 2015

Children in 6.2 learnt about the festival and the goddess 


They each had chance to make their very own clay diva lamps. 

Some of us even made beautiful celebration cards !

We are sure you agree they are wonderful ! 

Miss Moore has chosen to display these creations, but they will be coming home soon. 

Happy Diwali to all. 

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Celebration Assembly Winners

Celebration Assembly Winners 

Every Friday Miss Moore chooses two children to be awarded a certificate in assembly.

The Winners so far...

Wonderful Writing - Mustafa Abbaas
Being Helpful - Soriya Tapper 
Magical Maths - Zara Hussain 
Fantastic Friend - Anniyah Kulsoom 
Super Reading: Ellejah Paul 
Settling in well : Fathima Bashir 
Role Model : Sidra Iftikhar
PE: Sufain Raja Muhammad
ICT Skills - Adam Choudary 
A Resilient Attitude: Chloe Busst 
Good Manners: Asam Mohammed
Good Work in Topic : Martyna  Duzewska
Blocked work : Adil Mohammed
Team Work: Charley Langford 

Congratulations to all of these children, keep up the hard work !

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Our Camping Trip 10th/11th September 2015

Explorers are us !
Class: 6.2 Teacher: Miss Moore
In our first week of settling into year 6 we were lucky enough to have the chance to camp at school over night ! 

Thursday morning we arrived with our bags full of pillows and snacks, well rested from our final night in our own beds (Miss Moore included!). 

Even the children who had not planned to sleep over were full of excitement ready to become explorers for the day. It was a chance for the whole of year 6 to bond and work as a team as we were split into our house teams. 

After a few name learning and ice breaking games the first task (and perhaps the most important task) was to set up home ! 

We all worked together and the teachers were impressed at how fast the homes for the night were built. The school field covered in little green domes ! 

Pitching a tent is not all we learnt ! One highlight for 6.2 was the fire lighting activity. All children got a chance to light the fire and now have a skill for life. 

Along with fire lighting, shelter building and marshmallow toasting the most enjoyable part of the day for Miss Moore was having the chance to get to know 6.2 in the first week of school in a relaxed and fun environment. (One of us made her cry with laughter !) 

Overall we all had two days of fun, food and very little sleep. But it is an experience we will remember for the whole year and more than likely our whole lives ! 
Thank you to all the teachers and explorers who made this experience possible ! 
Class 6.2 ! 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

6.2 Work with Andy Cope

6.2 were lucky enough to work with Andy Cope, the author of the Spy Dog series of books, this week.

Year 6 had the tricky task of writing a story which had to contain the line 'Oh my goodness Mrs Jones, your toes are melting!'

Ayesha Yaseen's was chosen to read out to KS2 in assembly:

In the afternoon we had a workshop about 'How to be brilliant'.  We were all really impressed with Bradley Rollason who's enthusiasm and commitment to becoming a'2%er' was fantastic.  He also made himself a Huge Unbelievably Great Goal (HUGG) to one day become a soldier in  the army.